Create Your Own Bridesmaid Dress!

Planning your own wedding is not easy but you can make it full of fun and excitement with getting involve in creating your own style.


For most brides cant seems to find a bridesmaid dress that fits all their girls’ body types and personalities, how about try designing your bridesmaids’ dresses.


At Beljour we will bring all those ideas together, with beautiful styling, fashionable and available in all the shades of the rainbow they are a must have at any wedding!!! We also can help you to design the cutest of flower girl dresses that can be matched up to the rest of the bridal party!!!



Various fabrics are offered (colors and patterns), as well as options like a wide sash, flower pin, contrasting midsection, ruffle hem trim and wraps.



You can design one style for all your bridesmaids, or unique dresses for each!

Of course, there are other companies that offer the same create-your-own concept, but there seems to to be fewer options , our price range is 80$-150$ for short skirt, and 150$-300$ for long skirt.

Tons of style and fabric options, Let The Fun Begin!!






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