Care-Free Wedding Day Assistant


The wedding day is not only a big day for the bride and groom, but also for the families and multiple people that are working on that wedding. In order to ensure that everything happens properly and nothing is out of place, brides usually prefer to hire either a wedding planner.

A wedding planner is the professional person or team that helps the bride and groom prepare, organize, design and financially manage the wedding.


Though previously, wedding planners were only hired by the rich people, they are now becoming a common trend among upper middle classes as well,
although some brides prefer to plan their wedding themselves to create their own wedding and be involved with every details.


But who is the wedding assistant ?

Wedding Planner

I call them care-free wedding day assistant , they will allows the bride and groom to not worry about running around trying to organize things at their wedding day.
Your wedding assistant is your personal assistant for taking care of the details on the day of the wedding , you don’t need to be worry about the ironing out the final details.
They can help in gown dress up, and any other tasks, they can run to DJ and request them to play your favored song or to stop and change the music.
They will be there to arrange what should go where and who is responsible for what and adhering to the back-up plan.


Wedding assistant work according to the hours that are required by the bride and the groom, they may be working for a few days before hand or just show up to work on the day of the wedding itself.

A wedding assistant is an essential part of the wedding, who is basically the person who takes care of the details, the help, looks after the guests and sees that everything is going according to the plan.

Wedding planners are beneficial to hire if couples do not have the time to spend on the wedding details but A wedding assistant can save the day and be your hero while you can enjoy every moment of your big day with your love knowing every one are having fabulous time.


A Wedding Assistant is overseeing the correct set-up of the ceremony and reception site(s) and assisting VIP’s throughout the course of the event
they are there to be available to wedding guests to answer their questions and assist them as needed (i.e. gentleman spills sauce
on his jacket, lady spills red wine on her skirt/shoes, someone is feeling ill and needs attention, etc.)


Directing guests to appropriate areas as needed throughout the evening (i.e. exits, parking, bar, etc.), assisting vendors with their set-up by being close at hand to answer questions with regards to product placement , a resource to the Bride & Groom with regards to what’s happening next in the schedule.
Overseeing and assisting with set up and tear down of wedding decor items (linens, charger plates, escort cards, place cards, favors, chair covers, etc.)
Maintaining the schedule and coordinating the time line for all special events throughout the reception


and of course the trouble-shooting .


Wedding Planner

Our wedding assistants are creative and able to think quickly on come up with possible solutions to any given situation (i.e. bride forgets her bouquet in the limo, bride about to walk down the aisle & her hairdo falls apart, etc.) , Seamlessly and effectively prioritize multiple tasks at one time , Guest oriented & Friendly with professional appearance.

You can hire our wedding assistant for one hundred dirhams per hour and let us take care of all the details of your special day

Wishing you all the best and hope your wedding day is what you always dreamt!


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