With a Bespoke gown, whether embroideries or work of art lace, satin or silk look , soft or structured style, you will be the bride who makes a statement.

Well here’s the thing…why not create that ‘one dress’ to perfectly fit the girl who is going to wear it. The obvious difference would of course be the quality of the finished products. You can create your very own look , select your fabrics, decide on little pretty details, choose your own embroidered flowers and patterns. but you just need to make sure you are working with a professional and expert team, let them help you with selecting the most flattering shape and style for your body type. The advantage of making a bespoke gown is that almost everything is possible. You can ask to look taller and create the design that add illusion extra legs hight, or have a detachable train or a two piece design. Don’t worry if you are not a perfect 10, a bespoke gown can make nearly all brides look like they fit perfectly.

The best bit is that you will know what it is going to look like as a finished design, because you have chosen all your favourite pieces.We always aim to create the perfect gown, there will be honest advice if your ideas are not going to look quite right, or could be improved one way or another.If you have been in bridal stores trying on samples that don’t perfectly fit and are trying to imagine what if it would look like if it clung to you like a glove; and then blamed your body or yourself ? Well, we promise you that it is not you , it is the dress that you tried on.

A bespoke gown is a timeless piece that you will treasure forever.